Rebecca Frost-Brewer

Rebecca Frost-Brewer

Data Scientist


I’m glad you’re here. I am a data scientist, obsessed with solving challenging problems by exploring and analyzing large datasets. For six years, I worked in higher education where I conducted analysis of internal datasets to extract insights to drive program and service decision-making. Further, I defined measures of success, developed and communicated both findings and recommendations to non-technical audiences, and built self-service tools for ongoing monitoring of trends.

While my professional experience as a data scientist may be limited, I am well-versed in the technical programs and languages (Python / R) necessary to meet the expectations of all job responsibilities. I am excited by the challenge of solving problems using a wide array of modeling and quantitative techniques; my portfolio includes projects using multiple linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees and random forest classifiers, and ensemble methods like XGBoost.

I am deeply curious and comfortable solving unstructured business problems by exploring large datasets and keen to deliver meaningful insights and predictions about emerging trends to inform business solutions. I am obsessed with asking questions, researching, problem-solving, and presenting my findings.

I look forward to every opportunity to demonstrate my proficiency as a data scientist.

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  • Data Science, 2022

    Flatiron School

  • MA in Political Science, 2021

    Georgia State University



tidyverse, ggplot2


pandas, matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn



Solving a Classification Problem
Flatiron School
May 2022 – Present

Tasks included:

  • Apply appropriate preprocessing and feature engineering steps in preparation for predictive modeling
  • Demonstrate iterative approach to modeling, building different kind of models (decision trees, random forests, k-nearest neighbors, XGBoost), tuning hyperparameters, and assessing classification metrics (F1-scores)
Multiple Linear Regression
Flatiron School
Apr 2022 – Present

Tasks included:

  • Identify the appropriate modeling technique given a problem statement based on the availability, variety, and quality of data
  • Build a baseline linear regression model as well as several iterative models, and extract insights from a final multiple linear regression model to make business recommendations
  • Communicate regression results of statistical analyses to diverse audience via writing and oral presentation
Accommodation Support Specialist
Jan 2019 – Sep 2021

Responsibilities included:

  • Data collection and exploratory data analysis to find trends in client needs, satisfaction, and outcomes
  • Assess effectiveness of services and resources across multiple divisions and business units
  • Build and maintain summary statistics for reporting and tracking purposes
Assistant Director, Disability Services
Georgia Institute of Technology
Oct 2017 – Jan 2019

Responsibilities included:

  • Track and manage client data for completion and accuracy
  • Write reports and presenting educational information and recommendations related to service implementation
  • Communicate with staff and stakeholders to understand service implementation
Director, Academic Support Services
Whitman College
Jun 2015 – May 2017
Oversee early intervention programs, track student degree progress using analytics. Manage three office budgets, retain gift funding, and write analytics reports. Establish and assess outcomes to inform evidence-based best practices.